The ceremony of the Gerardo de Cremona International Translation Award in its third  edition was held the 6th October 2017 in the city of Casablanca (Morocco). The event took place in the Conference Hall of the King Abdul-Aziz Foundation for Islamic Studies and Human Sciences and was attended by an audience of 200 people with representatives of the diplomatic, cultural and journalism world amongst them.

The ceremony was chaired by the Moroccan Minister of the Habous and Islamic Affairs (Mr. Ahmed Toufiq) and co-hosted by the President of the Cremona City Council (Simona Pasquali), the President of MED-21 Program (Mohamed Aziza) and the Vice-Director of the Translators School of Toledo (Álvaro Abella).


Laureates of the third edition of the Gerardo de Cremona Award are Enrique Montero Cartelle, (Spain) professor of Latin Philology in the University of Valladolid, editor and translator of Latin texts and specialist in medieval medical writings from Arab sources, particularly by Constantin the African. In the category Translators from the Southern Shore the award went to the Moroccan Hassan Boutakka(Casablanca, 1970) academic, university teacher and translator specialised in short stories. He has translated into Arabic works by Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Benedetti, Juan Rulfo or Augusto Monterroso.

In the category of Institutions, the Award went to the Ecole Superieure de Traduction Roi Fahd de Tangiers,  governamental institution founded in 1983 that has been training translators for more than 30 years in Morocco and promoting research in translation with their journal Turjumán. The Spanish publishing house editorial Gredos was also awarded for their Classical Library and their role in spreading Greek and Latin literature by means of translations by distinguished philologists published for more than 40 years.


After the delivery of the awards, the ras la entrega de los trofeos, the President of the Cremona City Council , Simona Pasquali, made a presentation about her city and invited the audience to participate in the next edition of the award whose Awards Ceremony will take place in the Italian city of Cremona, therefore closing the cycle started in Toledo and dedicated to the figure of this important medieval translator.

Moroccan Minister of the Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmad Toufiq, put an end to the ceremony remarking the role of translation as a means to encourage dialogue among cultures and religions, so necessary in our times to fight extremism and violence.