Ana María Relaño Pastor

Ana María Relaño Pastor

Associate Professor

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Teaching topics: Multilingual Education, Language and Identy, Social Inclusion
Research topics:

            •    Linguistic ethnography

            •    Multilingualeducation

            •    Language and identity

            •    Narrative and emotions

            •    Linguistic socialization

Most relevant teaching experiences

Discourse Analysis.
6-ects undergraduate subject for students of English Studies and Modern Languages.
Academic years: 2010-2015.

Discourse and Communication Analysis.
(University of Sussex)

A post-graduate course for Master students in Applied Linguistics.
Academic years: 2015.

Language in the Mexican American Experience: Ethnographic approaches.
(University of Arizona)

Undergraduate subject for students of Hispanics Linguistics.
Academic years: 2005-2006.

Most relevant publications

‘We don’t do anything’: Analyzing the construction of legitimate knowledge in multilingual schools.
(with Adriana Patiño-Santos and Miguel Pérez-Milans) Type of publication: Journal paper / Subject: Language Education
Pedagogies: An International Journal
, 10.4, 2015 (in press).

The commodification of English in ‘Madrid, comunidad bilingüe’: Insights from the CLIL classroom.
Type of publication: Journal paper / Subject: Language education
Journal of Language Policy, 14.2, 2015, pp. 131-151.

Shame and Pride in Narrative: Mexican women’s language experiences at the U.S.-Mexico Border.
Type of publication: Monograph / Subject: Language and emotions
Palgrave, London, 2014.

Language programs at Villababel High: Rethinking ideologies of social inclusion.
(with Laura Mijares Molina) Type of publication: Journal paper / Subject: Language education
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 14.4, 2011, pp. 371-488.

Most relevant projects

La Apropiación del Inglés como Lengua Global en la Escuela Castellano-Manchega: Un acercamiento Multilingüe, Situado y Comparativo.
Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Education / Subject: Language education
FFI2014-54179-C2-2-P, 2015-2017.

Bilingüismo, ideologías lingüísticas e identidad en el programa bilingüe de un I.E.S en Ciudad Real.
Funded by: University of Castilla-La Mancha / Subject: Language ideologies and identities
GE2101670, 2011.

Escuela y multilingüismo: un estudio sociolingüístico crítico de los programas de educación lingüística de la Comunidad de Madrid.
Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Education / Subject: Multilingual education
HUM2007-64694/FILO, 2004-2007.