The Master’s Degree in Growth and Sustainable Development (MU-CRyDeS) is an official university qualification, accredited by ANECA and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). As such, it provides access to the doctoral programme in Economics and Business, which is also adapted to the EHEA, and leads to a PhD degree.

This Master’s Degree is a great educational opportunity as it brings together several important, fields of both economic and social interest:

  • Growth is the study of the economic and financial conditions required to create wealth and employment over time.
  • Sustainable development analyses the institutional framework and qualitative aspects, with emphasis on the concept of “sustainability”, from both a social and environmental perspective. The concept of anthropogenic footprint, calculated in environmental terms (carbon, water, energy, soil use, materials, etc.) and broad social terms, is fundamental in making the human footprint and the impact on the planet key to consumption decisions.
  • Prior knowledge is extended by the study of analytical tools and strategies in public, territorial action and intervention, which will mainly be applied to the development of strategies and assessment of plans and actions for territorial development.
  • All these aspects can be directly applied to the organisation and management of cooperation and development projects.