2022 -2023

Bioinorganic chemistry

This is a second year course of the degree in biochemistry. Its main objective is students to know the role played by the chemical elements in biological systems, emphasizing the study of the active centers of some metalloproteins as main responsible for the activity they play in biological systems. Some aspects of medicinal inorganic chemistry and toxicology of metals will also be addressed.

Innovative Teaching in Science


Students will discover new ways for teaching and promoting learning. They will also learn to recognize real educational innovations through the use of indicators which identify the best practices. One of the main objectives of this course is for students to design activities for high school students which will promote creativity and innovative thinking. Finally, the development of 21st Century Skills through the teaching and learning of Science will also be addressed.

Research in Science Education

The objective of this subject is to provide future teachers with methodological tools that allow them to investigate from their educational practice (quantitative, qualitative research, action research, emerging models).

Former courses

Bonding and Structure

Molecular model of Penicillin by Dorothy Hodgkin, c.1945. Front three quarter. Graduated grey background.

This introductory course helps students understand the nature of atoms and the basic principles of the bonding models that justify the structure of matter. The study of numerous examples ranging from simple substances to complex biomolecules will be addressed. Additionally, several practical studies will be developed in the laboratory.


This is an 09_12_Missing-Touchintroductory course covering the main aspects of biomaterial design, Special emphasis is placed on the properties of materials that determine the behavior of devices once implanted, namely, chemical nature, bulk and surface properties, manufacturing processes, testing and regulatory issues. During the second part of the term, the factors affecting the biological response of the implanted materials will also be studied.