– Characterization: thermogravimetric analysis by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), mass spectrometry (MS) coupled to the above listed equipment, pyrolysis autosampler, turbidity, Hg porosimetry, He picnometry, BET and TPD/TPR, FTIR spectroscopy, SEM coupled to EDAX, rheometry, impedance tubes for acoustic measurement, dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), tensile and flexural properties, hardness test, etc.
– Preparation of nanomaterials and composites (aerogels): freeze dryer process at lab and pilot line scale, carbon nanomaterials and nanosilica synthesis at bench scale, sample cutting press, laboratory mixing extruder and chopper, injection moulding, etc.
– Commercial software for the analysis of processes: ASPEN HYSYS, ASPEN PLUS, UNISIM, and SimaPro for LCA.
– Home-made software for the economical evaluation of processes and their optimization.

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