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Analysis: The crossroads of Europe and the unfinished business of Russia

The Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE), belonging to the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (CESEDEN), in turn dependent on the Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD) has published a geopolitical analysis within its opinion documents.

The trade war between the US and China fuels the increasing the rivalry between two countries in areas such as economic, technological and military, outline new scenarios for the future that challenge the balances of power and blur the established areas of influence. In the middle of this challenge, this document analyses the political and economic relations of the European Union with Russia that have gradually deteriorated as a result of the increasingly aggressive international policy promoted by Vladimir Putin and the economic sanctions carried out by the EU against Russia. This phenomenon is evaluated within the framework of the instability posed by the scenario of division of the world order between two blocs and the challenges that this will entail for the European Union, which is again, in the middle of two blocs and external pressures that hinder the already of itself common policy and decision-making of the Union. In this context, it is convenient to evaluate the opportunity and risks of a Russia disconnected from the EU and the strategic opportunities that a rapprochement would offer in the new and intentionally convulsive scenario.

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