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ITQUIMA is a center open to receive brilliant ideas from companies and society. The center was born with the aim of doing applied research, that is, offering useful answers to the problems that companies and public institutions raise. Another objective is to provide society with the modern tools and knowledge of the highly qualified staff available at the Institute and offer advice and analytical services on issues related to new materials, waste recycling, soil decontamination or waters and protecting the health of citizens.

There are more than thirty companies and institutions that currently collaborate with the Institute, which gives a strong idea of ​​its link with the business environment.

The Institute of Chemical and Environmental Technology (ITQUIMA) is a research institute of the University de Castilla-La Mancha located on the Campus of Ciudad Real. It began its operation in 2005 and its construction was possible thanks to a grant from European FEDER funds requested and granted based on the curricula and experience of the professors of the Chemical Engineering Area.

The staff of the center is composed of approximately 30 researchers, of whom 5 are professors of the UCLM and the rest are researchers hired from different projects with external funding to the UCLM that are developed in it.

The center has eight laboratories: Chemical Processes, Residues and Soils, Biofuels, Water Treatment, Radiological Surveillance, Occupational Health, Polymer Technology, and Catalysis and Materials.

In its eagerness to offer high technical level services contrasted in terms of its level of quality by external certifying entities, ITQUIMA has the first two laboratories of the UCLM certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 accreditation. of Laboratories of Labor Health and Biofuels that are also unique in the region in their field of activity in offering these certified services abroad.

It also has a good number of demonstration facilities, prototypes of pilot plant, in which the new processes developed in the laboratories, are demonstrated on a semi-industrial scale, for later in case of being viable economically develop the corresponding technology-based company that exploits the results of the invention.

For this, we also have a business incubator from which companies related to the new energy sector and the environment have already left. It is also located in the center, the Campus Research Results Transfer Office helps it even more to facilitate the center’s relationship with the business environment and society. We have a training room, especially oriented to training in environmental education, highlighting among our activities the Master of Engineering and Environmental Management, title of the UCLM.

But we do not want to stay here, from the ITQUIMA we encourage companies not to miss the opportunity to put into practice with boldness the good ideas, which make us stand out and progress despite the difficulties, knowing that, although the triumphs There are not as many as the attempts, with perseverance we will succeed in carrying out our projects.