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Doctor Ingeniero Industrial por la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales (ETSII) de Ciudad Real de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), con mención europea (febrero de 2008). Investigador posdoctoral en la escuela de negocios de la Universidad de Lancaster (Reino Unido) con una Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship (Abril2008-Agosto 2010). Actualmente trabajando como profesor contratado doctor en la Facultad de Ciencias Químicas de Ciudad Real. Mis principales líneas de investigación se dividen en: 1) Aplicaciones económicas como la previsión de la demanda dentro de la cadena de suministro, previsión de la demanda y precios dentro de los mercados eléctricos, y el análisis del impacto del judgmental forecasting sobre dichas previsiones; y 2) Aplicaciones Mecatrónicas, donde se ha desarrollado una serie de estimadores algebraicos en tiempo continuo para la monitorización y control de vibraciones en estructuras flexibles. Juan R. Trapero cuenta con publicaciones en diferentes revistas internacionales como OMEGA, Automatica, Energy Economics, Journal of Forecasting, Energy Conversion and Management, International Journal of Control, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Journal of Sound and Vibration and Signal processing. También ha trabajado como consultor en el Lancaster Centre for Forecasting para importantes compañías distribuidoras en Reino Unido.

Members of INTERCOL receive best paper award International Journal of Forecasting 2014-2015

Members of INTERCOL, Nikolaos Kourentzes, Fotios Petropoulos and Juan R. Trapero have received the best paper award from the specialized journal, International Journal of Forecasting. The award was announced in the International Symposium on Forecasting celebrated in Cairns (Australia)

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Dr. Nikolaos Kourentzes visits University of Castilla-La Mancha

Dr. Nikolaos Kourentzes has visited our university within the INTERCOL Project activities. During his staying, we have advanced in important objectives of the Project as the multi-step ahead optimization of the Forecasting models under uncertainty, as well as, the use of complex error metrics to measure the Forecasting performance. Hopefully soon, several working papers will be available with more details.

We’ll keep you posted!

Workshop: Forecasting and inventory control

It is a pleasure to inform that two members of the INTERCOL Project (Eugenia and Ester) are organising a very interesting event about Forecasting and inventory control within the 11th. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management that will take place in Valencia between the 5th. and 6th. of July. Note that these disciplines are typically studied as different areas, although both of them have many links that often are overlooked. Therefore this workshop can be very useful to bridge that gap!. Seguir leyendo Workshop: Forecasting and inventory control

real-time bullwhip metric

Bullwhip effect is a problem of paramount importance that reduces competitiveness of supply chains around the world. A significant effort is being devoted by both practitioners and academics to understand its causes and to reduce its pernicious consequences. Nevertheless, limited research has been carried out to analyse potential metrics to measure it, that typically are summarized in the coefficient of variation ratio of different echelons demand. This work proposes a new metric based on a time-varying extension of the aforementioned bullwhip effect metric by employing recursive estimation algorithms expressed in the State Space framework to provide at each single time period a real-time bullwhip effect estimate. Seguir leyendo real-time bullwhip metric