Applied and Computable General Equilibrium model of CO2 emissions in the Spanish Economy

Óscar Dejuán Asenjo
Dra. Mª Ángeles Cadarso, Dra. Carmen Córcoles, Dr. Eladio Febrero, Dra. Nuria Gómez , Dr. Luis A. López, Dr. Fabio Monsalve, Dra. Mª Ángeles Tabarra, Jorge Zafrilla and Ana González
Our research will attempt to build an applied and computable general equilibrium model (AGE) and use it to measure and analize the CO2 emissions in Spain. Our attention will focus on the following sectors: energy, transport, tourism and foreign commerce. The selection obeys to the weigth of these sectors in the Spanish economy, their energy intensity (an indicative of the potential emissions) and their importance to demarcate the ecological responsibility of each country (one of the requirements of Kyoto’s protocole). At the beginning of section 2 (Introduction) we sketch our research plan and the specific goals of each of its five parts. The number is not so big if we consider that the model has been already “run” in an applied research for the Spanish National Energy Commission (CNE) and that the team integrates 10 researches who will work on the topic full time for three years