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GEAR on air!

The use of bicycle for commuting can lead to healthier urban environments. In this radio interview Nuria Gómez explains how public bicycle services can contribute to this aim.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can also read her recent article in The Conversation:

Bicycle, Health and Wellbeing!

¡Bicicleta, salud y bienestar!


GEAR Members Jorge Zafrilla, Ángela García-Alaminos, and Fabio Monsalve have recently published a new book chapter. You can find “The Sustainability Challenge of Dairy Livestock Systems” inside the book Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Dairy Farms, edited by Santiago García-Yuste, it is part of the SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology book series.

The book, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Dairy Farms, presents an innovative environmental proposal. While chiefly focusing on dairy farms, the environmental solution it describes applies to the entire livestock sector. This book is divided into five chapters elaborated by eight authors. The first chapter -written by the GEAR members listed above – describes the current situation of the global dairy livestock industry under the influence and challenge of the commitments of the so-called Paris Agreement and addresses the carbon footprint of dairy farms. Firstly, the key points of the Agreement affecting the livestock and dairy systems are discussed within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Next, a detailed analysis of the evolution of the activity and the greenhouse gas emissions of the industry is presented. Finally, a summary of current environmental solutions and bioeconomy alternatives will contribute to enriching the discussion.

This contribution is part of the collaboration of the GEAR group in a UCLM’s multidisciplinary research group. Together with chemists and engineers, who are working on techniques for the capture and use of CO2.

LINK to the ebook: