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Enrique Gilles (EAN) visits GEAR

Last Friday, September 21st, the EAN’s (Bogotá, Colombia) lecturer and researcher Enrique Gilles visited the GEAR group. During the stay, Enrique presented the main potential research lines of collaboration analyzing hot topics in Colombia and in the rest of Latin America.

After the presentation, in a kind of brainstorm meeting, GEAR members presented the current research lines of the group and the potential matches with Enrique’s topic proposals.

The collaboration is just rolling out!!

Thank you, Enrique, for your visit.


GEAR team member, Jorge Zafrila, has recently published the first outcome derived from the multidisciplinary collaboration with some other researchers within the University of Castilla-La Mancha. This new research line evaluates disruptive and new CO2 removal strategies applied to agri-food industries.

This first paper, written by Carlos Alonso-Moreno, J. Julián Garde, Jorge E. Zafrilla, Jesús Canales-Vázquez, Abdessamad Guedari, & Santiago García-Yuste, has been published in the Journal of Cleaner Production and is entitled “The Carbon Dioxide-Rumen Fermentation Processes-strategy, a proposal to sustain environmentally friendly dairy farms”.



Link to the paper:

Journal of Cleaner Production, 204 (2018) 735-743. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.08.295

Presentation of the “Photovoltaics Macroeonomic Status Report”

The Global Energy and Environmental Economic Analysis Research Group (GEAR) from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has developed the macroeconomic status report of the photovoltaic sector in Spain, entitled “El desarrollo actual de la energía fotovoltaica en España”.

The press release of the presentation was held last September 13th in the UNEF’s headquarter in Madrid. Jorge Zafrilla, the coordinator of the report, highlighted the current macroeconomic situation of the sector and its optimistic future regarding the current and forthcoming legislation on renewables energies in Europe and Spain. At the same time, the UNEF’s general manager, José Donoso, and the UNEF’s president, Jorge Barredo, presented the “2017 UNEF’s Annual Report“.

The project has been developed in the framework UNEF (Unión Nacional Fotovoltaica) and GEAR-UCLM collaboration agreement.

GEAR acknowledges UNEF the confidence in the Academic Research, as helps to spread to the society and to the economy the scientific knowledge.