Synthesis of New Conjugated Oligomers

In this research line the work is devoted to the synthesis of new oligomers and cooligomers, based in monomers of thiophenes, for their implementation in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor, Donor-Bridge-Donor and Acceptor-Bridge-Acceptor systems. The work is focused in the search of synthetic procedures that allow the achievement of lengths of oligomer and cooligomers near to the effective conjugation length. Moreover, their optical and electronic properties and the relation of them with the length and the composition of the corresponding oligomers are studied. The effect of the introduction of vinylenes or ethynylene linkers between monomers is also taken into account. The performance of the bridges is addressed by the functionalization of the edges with electron donors and/or electron acceptors, to study the delocalization of charges through the bridges. In those cases where possible, the damping factor of the oligomers is measured. The photophysical studies of oligomers and cooligomes acting as bridges are elucidated in collaboration with other international research groups related with the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
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