Research Carbon Nanoforms

In this research line the work of the group is divided in several tasks. The first task is the design, synthesis and study of the electronic properties of functionalized single and double wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT and DWCNT). The aim of this task is to obtain derivatives able to be used as p-type or n-type semiconductors and study the occurrence of photoinduced electron transfer processes. In particular, the interaction between walls in DWCNT is studied in deep. The second task is the functionalization of carbon nanohorns (CNH) in the surface and the study of their electronic properties. One of the aims in this task is the functionalization of the wall of CNH with antenna groups to catch light and produce an efficient photoinduced processes. These ensembles are used for the construction of solar cells. The third task is the development of synthetic routes to functionalize graphene and doped graphene by 1,3-dipolar cicloaddition reactions. In these adducts will be studied the functionalization of the edges or the surface and the occurrence of photoinduced processes. And the last task is the development of synthetic procedures that allows the bisfunctionalization of C60-fullerene with bis-nitrileimines theters with high regioselectivity, and the study of the electronic properties of the formed adducts. The final characterization of the photophysical processes that take place in the carbon nanoforms, are made in collaboration with other international research groups related with the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
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