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Sara Fernández defended her dissertation

Sara Fernánez, her supervisor and the members of the committee

On November the 8th Sara Fernández defended her dissertation titled “Drivers of innovation and eco-innovation: The role of mergers, acquisitions and open innovation strategies”, supervised by Ángela Triguero. El commitee was made by Dr José García Quevedo (UB),  Dr Thuc Uyen Nguyen-Thi (Liser, Luxemburgo) and Mª Carmen Cuerva (UCLM).


Maria A. Davia in ILO-UAM academic meeting

María A. Davia took part in the academic meeting “SOCIAL AND LABOR MARKET POLIIES IN THE CONTEXT OF AGEING” at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on October th 25th. She presented her paper “Mothers’ employment and child care choices across the European Union”, co-authored with Inmaculada Cebrián (UAH), Nuria Legazpe (UCLM) & Gloria Moreno (UAH).

This academic meeting is part of an ILO initiative with several Spanish Universities on the future of work.

ALEXANDRE PEDRÓS AWARD 2017 (Review of Public Economics)

Luis Ayala (URJC) y Ángela Triguero (ULM ISPEc researcher) have been awarded with the Alexandre Pedrós award to the most relevant article in the Review of Public Economics in 2017.

Luis Ayala y Ángela Triguero authored the awarded paper


The awarded piece of research is:

Luis Ayala & Angela Triguero Cano (2017) Economic Downturns, Endogenous Government Policy and Welfare Caseloads, Hacienda Pública Española/Review of Public Economics, 220(1),107-136. (available here)


Several ISPEc group researchers have contributed with communications on the three ISPEc research lines – Industrial, International and Labour Economics – in the Encuentro de Economía Aplicada, 7-8 of June in Universidad de Alcalá (Spain).

More info on the papers presented, here; and on the event, here.

From left to right, Belén González, Ángela Triguero, María A. Davia, Rosario Gandoy, Jesús Ortuno and Carmen Díaz at the Paraninfo in Universidad de Alcalá.



LUIS PATRICIO CANCINO, Master student in Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Mexico, has undertaking a research visit in School of Economcis and Business Administration in Albacete. His research focus on the wine market in Guadalupe Valley, in Mexico, which is located in the Baja California State.

Luis Cancino en el Campus de la UCLM en Albacete

Luis Cancino en Albacete UCLM Campus.

Presentation of the report on agro-food sector in Castilla – La Mancha

Maria Carmen Cuerva and Angela Triguero took part in the report on agro-food sector in CLM (ANÁLISIS DEL SECTOR AGROALIMENTARIO EN CLM), together with other UCLM researchers, in collaboration with CCOO CLM, within the framework of the Consejo Regional de Relaciones Laborales de Castilla – La Mancha.

The report was presented the 21st of 2018 in the UCLM.

Click here to get more info (in Spanish) on the report and on the presenting event.