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Member of the Standardisation Technical Committe UNE/CTN 66/SC 3 Métodos Estadísticos (Statistical Methods) at UNE since 2012. UNE is the Spanish national body member of ISO.

Standards translated to Spanish:

  • ISO 7870-4:2011 “Control charts — Part 4: Cumulative sum charts”, in project phase as PNE-ISO 7870-4.
  • ISO 7870-2:2013 “Control charts — Part 2: Shewhart control charts”, edited as UNE-ISO 7870-2: Gráficos de control — Parte 2: Gráficos de control de Shewhart. Public information March 2017. Published on 2017-06-28
  • ISO 22514-1:2014 Statistical methods in process management — Capability and performance — Part 1: General principles and concepts, edited as UNE-ISO 22514-1:2017 “Métodos estadísticos en la gestión de procesos. Capacidad y rendimiento. Parte 1: Principios y conceptos generales”. Public Information March 2016. Published on 2017-02-08.
  • ISO 16269-4:2010 “Statistical Interpretation of data — Part 4: Detection and treatment of outliers”, edited as UNE-ISO 16269-4:2015 “Interpretación estadística de datos. Parte 4: Detección y tratamiento de valores atípicos”. Published on 2015-04-22.