Six Sigma R package new release (0.9-4)

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I have just released a new version (0.9-4) of the SixSigma R package, with functions and data used in the books Six Sigma with R and Quality Control with R. This new version contains some bug fixes and improvements for the ss.rr function, for measurement systems analysis (Chapter 5 of Six Sigma with R).

I have made the changes after the feedback received by package users from industry (thank you very much Luc and Austin). It is really encouraging such input and motivates me to continue developing the package. In fact, my research group is looking for funding to develop a complete R infrastructure for quality control and improvement standardised statistical methods. There is a real need for that, see for example one of the messages from a real world user:

This morning I discussed Gage R&R with my “Minitab” collaegue. As we now calculate 144 Gage R&R’s, he could not even generate those in Minitab, the advantages of R are becoming more and more clear to him. […]

— Luc Castermans, Philips Lighting

Awesome, isn’t it?