The new PhD program by R.D. 99/2011


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R.D. 99/2011, of January 28 by which official doctoral education regulating, introduces important changes in the management of the third cycle of the universities studies. It includes some aspects that, within the framework of the European Space of Higher Education and Research, must define to the doctoral programs.

Objectives of the reform

  1. Integrating the EEES (European Space of Higher Education) and the EEI (European Space of Research).
  2. Advancing scientific knowledge through the “original research”.
  3. Reinforcing to PhD student as research trainees.
  4. Recognizing rights and duties of PhD student, directors of theses and tutors.
  5. Achieving high levels of:
    1. Quality
    2. Internationalization
    3. Innovation
    4. Recognition
    5. Mobility
  6. Allowing the participation of entities and organizations outside the University, national and international, through doctoral schools.



  1. APPLICATION. Legal requirements:
  4. The criteria for admission, which the academic committees of each program will use to the selection of candidates, will be:

    1. Suitability of the degrees that the applicant holds for the development of the thesis which he/she aims to be performed.
    2. Curriculum vitae.
    3. Interest of the student in research to develop.
    4. Interest of the UCLM in developing such research.
    5. Coherence with the research program.
    6. Dedication which can offer the applicant for the development of the thesis.
    7. Availability of researchers in the field of interest of the candidate.
    8. Availability of material resources.


  6. Sick leave and personals may be permitted.

  7. TIME
    Full-time 3 + 1 + 1
    Part-time 5 + 2 + 1


    • Assignment of tutors and director/s
      • TUTOR: He / She is named in the same letter of admission.
      • DIRECTOR/S OF THESIS: They can be up to 3. They are assigned within 2 months from enrolment.
    • Monitoring documents
      • DOCUMENTARY COMMITMENT, which is like a contract that establishes the duties of all parties involved in the realization of the PhD: PhD student, tutor, director and coordinator of the doctoral program.
      • RESEARCH PLAN, where the subject of the thesis, the objectives and the expected results, the bibliography and the media used, the methodology, timing and doctoral mobility plan will be made clear. IT REPLACES THE THESIS’ PROJECT.
      • DOCUMENT OF ACTIVITIES, which is a register of all those activities that, being consistent with the research plan, the PhD student carries out under the supervision of his/her tutor and director or directors.

      The Research Plan and the Document of activities will be evaluated annually by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program.







International Doctoral School (EID) Organizing doctoral education assigned by Governing Council of UCLM.
Planning cross training.
Organizing official masters.
Establishing rights and duties of Professors and PhD students.
Developing the Code of Good Practice.
Approving their rules of operating.
Establishing and reviewing systems of quality.
Assuming the functions of the current Doctoral Committee.
Academic Committees of Doctoral Programs (CAPD) Establishing the additional criteria and requirements to select the students and the training complements.
Deciding the applicants of admission to the program, assigning one tutor to the PhD student.
Allocating one director or, in case, co-directors to the thesis.
Evaluating annually:

  • Research plan of each PhD student.
  • Document of activities of each doctor
Authoring the stay of PhD students in institutions or research centers out of UCLM.
Authoring the presentation of doctoral theses.
Proposing the experts to the previous revision of doctoral theses.
Proposing the tribunals of evaluation of doctoral theses.
Evaluating and authoring, in case, the applications for extension of the period of thesis and temporary withdrawal in the doctoral program.
COORDINATOR OF THE PROGRAM (Doctor with at least 2 presidential terms and he/she has directed at least 2 theses) Leading the Academic Committee.
Proposing to the Rector the appointment of members of the CAPD.
Being part of the Committee of Direction of the EID.
DIRECTOR OF THESIS (Doctor with at least 1 presidential term. He / She can be out of UCLM) Managing research activities of the PhD student.
Authoring the procedures involved in defense of the thesis.
TUTOR (Doctor with at least 1 presidential term and being part of UCLM) Intervening between the PhD student and the CAPD.
Looking out for the adequacy of doctoral training.



  • State and Regional Regulation

    • Law 6/2001, December 21, of Universities.
    • R.D. 1393/2007, of October 29, on the organization of official university studies.
    • R.D. 99/2011, of January 28, on the official doctoral studies.
    • R.D. 53/2013, of July 12, modifies R.D. 1393/2007, of October 29, on the organization of official university studies, R.D. 99/2011, of January 28, on the official doctoral studies and R.D. 1892/2008, of November 14, on the conditions to access to official university degree studies and the procedures of admission to Spanish public universities.



    • R.D. 49/2013, of 25/07/2013, on the creation of the International Doctoral School at University of Castilla La Mancha is approved.


  • Regulation of the University of Castilla-La Mancha
    • Regulation of the Doctoral Studies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Agreement of Governing Council of November 20, 2013).
    • Resolution on the appropriateness of the ratings of doctoral theses of UCLM to R.D. 534/2013 of July 12 (15/07/2013).
    • Proposal for the establishment of the International Doctoral School of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (EID-UCLM). Agreement of Governing Council of November 20, 2012.