Within two months from you’re his/her enrollment, the responsible academic committee of doctoral program assign to each PhD student a thesis director who may be or not the tutor.
Forms which are used to appointment:
• Model for appointment of directors and tutors | PDF | Word
• Model of Documentary Commitment | Word
The Documentary Commitment must be delivered in EID within three months from PhD student admission.
The academic committee, heard the PhD student, may change the director appointment of doctoral thesis to PhD student at any time of period of making PhD, provided that justified reasons.

Thesis director must be a Spanish or foreign PhD with accredited research experience. It is considered accredited research experience possession of at least a presidential term.
Those doctors who have not been legally in a position to apply for recognition of presidential terms, or holding a position that is not apply that criterion, may prove their research experience by the author of a number of significant contributions in their scientific field or equivalent to that required for the recognition of presidential terms.
The academic committee of doctoral programs may establish additional requirements, within their program, to direct thesis.
With director may be a maximum of two co-directors to who the requirement of accredited research experience will not apply.

• The thesis director is the ultimately responsible in the conducting of all research work of PhD student.
• He/She will sign, if necessary, in “REPORT FOR ACCREDITATION FOR RESEARCH EXPERIENCE” of Model for directors and tutors appointment. Deadline: before the two months since PhD student admission.
• He/She will sign the Documentary Commitment of Supervision. Deadline: before the three months since PhD student admission.
• He/She will regularly review and, in case will accept, the Activities Document and Research Plan of PhD student, through the computer application entitled to do, which is accessed from the following link:
• He/She will review and, in case, will authorize all the procedures for development and defense of thesis. Deadlines: the procedure establishes in thesis defense (Spanish):

The leadership of thesis should be recognized as part of the teaching and research faculty dedication as provided for in the management plan teaching by the Governing Council last December 11, 2014 (Spanish). +info

Consult the Good Practices Code for the leadership of doctoral thesis (Spanish). +info

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• R.D. 99/2011, January 28, by which official doctoral teaching are regulated (Spanish). +info
• R.D.534/2013, July 12, by which are modified R.D. 1393/2007, October 29, by estabish the ordinance of the official university teaching 99/2011, January 28, by which official doctoral teaching are regulated and 1892/2008, November 14, by which are regulated the conditions for the access to official university teaching and the admission procedures to public Spanish universities (Spanish). +info
• Regulation of Doctoral Studies at the Universtiy of Castilla-La Mancha, approved by the Governing Council of November 20, 2012 (Spanish). +info