Recognition of Doctor Foreign Titles

Recognition to a title in the catalog of official university titles is official acknowledgement of the achieved training for obtaining a foreign degree equivalent to that required for obtaining a Spanish title included in that catalog.

Likewise, the recognition to academic degree is the official acknowledgement of the achieved training for obtaining a foreign title as equivalent to that required for obtaining a degree inherent to any of the levels in the Spanish university studies and not a specific title.

Both recognition processes, referring to the official Masters and PhD, correspond to Spanish Universities.

At the University of Castilla-La Mancha may request recognition of foreign higher education:

  1. The recognition of title and Doctor’s degree
  2. The recognition of university Master’s title
  3. The recognition of academic degree of Master’s degree

The procedure you have to follow to request the recognition of your graduate degree from a foreign university is the following.

  1. Fill out the application for initiation of proceedings (First page PDF (Spanish)Second page PDF (Spanish)).
  2. You must submit in the Register of the University, the following documents (which will have to be authenticated and official translation into Spanish):
    • Certified document of the identity and nationality of the applicant (certified photocopy of ID card or passport).
    • Certified copy of Doctor`s title whose recognition is applied or certified document of its issuance.
    • Certified copy of title which gives access to studies that wishes to confirm (Degree or Master degree, as appropriate).
    • Certified copy of academic title of the studies conducted by the applicant to obtain Doctor’s title, in which states the official length in academic years of the studies followed, the subjects taken and the workload of each and marks.
    • Certified copy of official title in which appears the data reading of the thesis (place, date reading and mark) indicating the names of the members of the Court or Commission.
    • Explanatory report on the thesis, written in Spanish, which includes the following:
      – Purpose of the thesis.
      – Introduction to subject of the thesis.
      – Methodology used.
      – Main findings and scientific relevance.
      – Conclusions.
    • A hard copy of the Doctoral Thesis.
    • A soft copy of the Doctoral Thesis in electronic format on a CD.
    • Affidavit of not looking at other university simultaneously submitted for recognition of the same title.
    • Letter of recommendation which guarantees the application.
    • • Receipt of payment of the fee. The payment letter can be obtained from the Units of Students Management of Campus.

The University shall decide the recognition by resolution of the Director, within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of application.

  • Applicable Regulations:
    R.D. 285/2004 February, 20 regulates the conditions of recognition of foreign higher education, as amended by R.D. 309/2005 March 18.