In this procedure about changes in researchers involved in the supervision of a thesis in their roles as tutor or supervisor / co-supervisor according to the signed documentary supervision commitment (CDS), two situations can occur:

A. Incorporation of co-supervisor/s to the doctoral thesis
This is the case in which, once the documentary supervision commitment has been accepted by the PhD student and by the tutor and the director assigned in the admission, it is desired to incorporate up to two co-directors to supervise the thesis, without changes in the previous data.
B. Modification of the current professors who supervise a doctoral thesis
In any other case in which it is requested to change any of the current supervisors (tutor, director and, where appropriate, co-director / s) or their roles in the current supervision of the thesis. When filling out the application, it will be necessary to detail the starting situation (the current supervisors of the thesis, each in their role) and the final situation requested (repeating, if necessary, the data of those who remain).

The application, in either case, corresponds to the PhD candidate and is made at the UCLM electronic site, in the procedure available on the link below, which can be accessed with both an electronic signature certificate or the regular credentials in the UCLM. In that same address you can find a user manual.

  • Prior to the beginning of the process, the PhD student must obtain from the researchers who join the supervision / co-supervision or the tutelage of the thesis (or change their role on it) the document of acceptance of the existing CDS to incorporate it into the request. In this regard, if it is an electronically signed PDF, it is sufficient to upload it in the application. In any other case, the provisions of this link on admissible signature systems must be observed.
  • On the other hand, the doctoral candidate who submits the application must obtain the acceptance of all those involved (current and proposed, incoming or outgoing) and so will be indicated in the application, in the corresponding section of the form. The EID reserves, however, the possibility of conducting its own verifications.

As a result of the procedure, a resolution of the academic commission of the doctoral program will be registered in the application file in the electronic site authorizing (or not) the proposed change that will later be mechanized in the student’s file and can be verified in RAPI.