Application for the title of Doctor

Once Doctoral Thesis is defended and approved, the PhD student may request the title of Doctor in Academic Management Units, submitting the following documentation (ORDEN ECI/2514/2007, August 13, on the issue of official university degrees of Master and Doctor):

You can request the PhD title from electronic office of UCLM.

  • Application for the PhD title (PDF).
  • Receipt of having paid the fees for issuing the title: For the course 2012/13 are 192,39€ or 96,20€ if he/she proves to be Large Family 1st category.
  • ID card copy or equivalent document next to the original (foreign student must submit the original passport and copy).
  • Compared copy the official title that access to the doctoral program:

    • Countries belonging to the European Higher Education: compared copy the title that access to the doctoral studies (Title of Graduate, Architect, Engineer, University Master, etc).
    • Countries outside the European Higher Education: compared copy the title that access to doctoral studies duly legalized.
    • Official documents issued abroad shall comply with the following requirements:

      • They must be official and issued by the competent authorities for this purpose, according to the law of the country.
      • They must be legalized through diplomatic way or, where appropriate, by the note of La Haya Agreement. This requirement shall not apply to documents issued by the authorities of the member States of the European Union or signatories to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.
      • All documents must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, made, in any case, by an official translator.