Doctoral Thesis by compendium of publications

The Steering Committee of the International Doctoral School in the University of Castilla-La mancha, adopted at its meeting of 7 June 2016 the following common and basic guidelines to the doctoral programs of this University for the submission of the doctoral thesis by compendium of publications.  

Each Academic Commission, within the basic framework, may adopt its own guidelines that will be announced on the respective website.

  • At least 3 published or accepted articles have to be included the date of application for admission to procedure of the doctoral thesis.
  • Journals must be indexed.
  • There must be coherence among the articles, research topic and doctoral thesis.
  • The doctoral student must be placed in a prominent position in a multiauthored publication, so that its relevance in the research is evident. In this sense, the supervisor of the thesis will certify the contribution and degree of authorship of the student. This document will accompany the submission dossier.
  • Each article can be used only in one doctoral thesis. In this respect, all other authors must give their approval in a note that will be attached to the documentation.
  • The submission of the thesis in this format requires the express request of the doctoral student and the authorization of the Academic Committee in the admission to procedure application form.

The memory of the doctoral thesis will have, at least, the following sections:

  • Summary.
  • Introduction (in this section will be broadly explained the problems addressed in the student’s research).
  • Justification.
  • Hypotheses and objectives.
  • Work plan or methodology.
  • Results (this section will include the three articles as published in the respective journals. Additional articles under review or in preparation may be included if presented in scientific format).
  • General discussion.
  • Conclusions.
  • Bibliography.