Application for temporary leave in doctoral programs verified by R.D. 99/2011

PhD students enroll in verified programs by R.D. 99/2011 must formalize each academic course and until thesis defense, the enrolment of academic guardianship as PhD student at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

If the PhD student, for a time, is not engaged in the realization of his/her thesis, he/she must request the temporary leave in the program.


  • Time off sick or pregnancy. Time that last medical leave for sick, pregnancy or maternity leave.
  • Voluntary leave by personal circumstances. Maximum of one year, extendable to another year.

  • Interruption of time count for thesis realization.
  • Interruption of obligation to pay the academic guardianships when the time of leave include at least a completed academic course.


    1. PhD will fill in the following Application
    2. Once completed, he/she will send it by an e-mail to
    3. Once received, International Doctoral School will be responsible for processing the application before Academic Commission of the corresponding doctoral program and will inform to respective directors and tutors.
    4. No later than one month after the submission of the application, PhD student must be informed of agreement by the International Doctoral School, upon his/her application, adopt the Academic Commission of the corresponding program. 1. The effect of the leave shall take from the date of that agreement.
    5. The International Doctoral School will register the temporary leave in the PhD’s record and will communicate to Management Units Alumni.


  • Article 3 of R.D. 99/2011, of January 28, by which are regulated the official doctoral studies.
  • Article 10 of Regulations for Doctoral Studies UCLM.