The International Doctoral School (EID) has launched during the year 2019 a program of support for doctoral students residing abroad in order to improve the information received by these students and increase interaction with them.


• Help the student fulfill his obligations as a doctoral student in a timely manner.
• Facilitate and promote the access of this group of doctoral students to the services and resources of the University.
• Encourage their involvement and participation in all university areas.


The support will be provided only to interested students enrolled in it and will consist of the issuance of communications from the EID, through email, on the following issues:
o Initial review of the status of your administrative file and communication about it.
o Notices about compliance with the deadline for presentation of activities and research plan.
o Notices about the proximity of the term of renewal of academic tutelage.
o Notices about the offer of training actions that can be followed online.
o Periodical notices about news of interest for doctoral students.


The program will take place during the year 2019 and will have the dedication of two doctoral students who carry out their training activities as EID grantees.


You just have to fill in the following form. It is correctly registered when you receive an email confirming it.

    Admission and registration

    In you have all the information about the registration process in a doctoral program of the UCLM (administrative, academic requirements, calendar, costs, renovations, …).
    However, we are at your disposal to resolve any doubts that may arise

    Tracking in RAPI

    The RAPI tool, for the annual follow-up of doctoral students at the UCLM, is available at In that same direction you can find a practical manual for doctoral students, as well as recommendations and warnings about its management.
    In addition, in the indicated contacts we will answer your questions about it.

    Defense of the thesis

    Are you already finishing the thesis? In you can review the steps to follow for reading and defense, from the last evaluation of the follow-up to obtaining the title of doctor.

    If you have any doubts, go to us to solve them.

    Other information points of interest for the student residing abroad

    The International Relations Office of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (ORI) offers information of interest to foreign students:

    In this same web we have a section dedicated to mobility, with information of interest as a collection of calls in this regard: