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EID Objetives

The doctoral studies, regulated by R.D. 99/2011, January 28 in their Article 9, provide the possibility that universities create Doctoral Schools. Likewise, Law 14/2011, January 1, of Science, Technology and Innovation, amends by section one of its Third Final Disposition, the Article 7 of the Law of University, including the Doctoral Schools among centers that the public universities count for the performance of their duties.

On November 20, 2012, the Governing Council of the University of Castilla-La Mancha approved the creation of the International Doctoral School. Such proposal was submitted to the Plenary Board of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which ratified at the meeting of November 28, 2012.

Finally, by R.D. 49/2013 of 25/07/2013 of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Communities Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha the creation of International Doctoral School was authorized at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in a new model of doctoral training, based at the university, integrates other organizations.

On September 2, 2013 Mr. Rector of UCLM appointed to Professor Ramón Varón Castellanos, with effect from August 2 2013, head of the EID-UCLM in exercise of the powers conferred UCLM Statutes and the provisions in paragraph 4 of the document of creating the EID-UCLM, approved by the Governing Council on November 20, 2012 mentioned above.

The objectives of International Doctoral School at University of Castilla-La Mancha (EID-UCLM) are, in addition to the general objectives establish in R.D. 99/2011 on January 28 for all Doctoral Schools, organize and coordinate the doctoral theses and the different doctoral programs of UCLM based on two pillars: flexibility and collaboration.

Flexibility to accept and consider any suggestions in order to improve the functioning of the EID and/or to facilitate and encourage the realization of doctoral theses, reaches the EID-UCLM. It will be try that the realization of a doctoral thesis at the UCLM depend fundamentally on the working capacity of the PhD student and the leadership skills of the director or directors and not on his/her personal or professional situation or overcoming intricate bureaucratic procedures. In this sense it is expected to put a special effort to facilitate the realization of their doctoral theses to many professors of this university that wanting it, they still have not had the chance to do it for different reasons, as well as secondary teachers and teaching professionals from other public or private institutions, including in these to companies in the region with researching curiosities.

Collaboration in a double direction, with all members of the university community and all those people and public or private institutions, national or foreign, that they want to and can contribute to achieve the objectives of the EID-UCLM. It is wanted to give a special prominence to those who are the real object of the EID-UCLM: PhD students. Their opinions and proposals on conducting their doctoral theses and functioning of EID-UCLM will be inquired of them. The team of people who are part of the organization chart and the Steering Committee of the same will bring all the best of themselves and all their professionalism in order to the proper functioning of the EID-UCLM.

The only limits to this flexibility and collaboration will be the strict legal limits and, of course, the common sense, the wisdom and the fulfillment of this research strategy of the University which the Research and Science Policy mark.

Organs of government

In accordance with article 9 of Real Decree 99/2011, of January 28, the International Doctoral School will have a Direction Committee, which will make the functions related to organization and management and it will consist of at least the head of the School, the coordinators of the doctoral programs and the representatives of collaborating institutions.

Structure of Personal

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Technical Personnel:
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