DIEGO LÓPEZ GARRIDO was a member of the Spanish Parliament and of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

He was Secretary of State for the European Union (2008-2011) and coordinated the 2010 Spanish Presidency of the EU.

He also served as the Socialist Group’s spokesman in the Congress of Deputies and has been elected as MP for six terms. He was member of the Convention for drafting the European Constitution, representing the Spanish Parliament (2002-2003).

He is an economist, and has a Chair in Constitutional Law.

He is author of many books on human rights, economics, politics and European Community Law. His last book (2015) is: “The Ice Age. Bailing Out the Welfare State in the Era of Austerity”, London Publishing Partnership.

He belongs  to the FEPS Scientific Council

He is a member of the board of CEAR (Spanish Commission of Refugees Aid)