Molecular Oncology

Research interest

Our group is interested in studying how cellular signaling (vg. MAPK, AKT) can affect the process of cellular transformation. To this end, we have developed several lines of research including chemical and genetic approaches applied to in vitro models of cancer cell lines and in vivo mouse models. For example, in the case of MAPK we have been able to uncover the implication of erk1/2 in the process of viral oncogenesis. We are currently focusing on the study of the role of MAPK-dependent signaling in human sarcoma, a poorly studied pathology but with high incidence in childhood. By using an experimental mouse model based on chemical carcinogenesis we expect to clarify MAPK´s role in the development of soft tissue sarcomas.

Our study encompasses conventional chemotherapy as well as novel compounds used in targeted therapy, such as Imatinib, Palbociclib or Sorafenib, among others. The main goal is to understand how cellular signaling can affect the response to cancer therapy and its involvement in the development of resistant phenotypes. On this subject, our group has great expertise in the study of how p38 MAPK or ERK1/2 modulate the cellular responses to several antitumor agents including Cisplatin, 5-FU, Sorafenib or Imatinib.

Role of cellular signaling in the response to radiotherapy

In the case of ionizing radiation, we are focused on elucidating the role of cellular signaling in the development of cancer cell radioresistance. Also, our group has great interest in the role of cellular signaling in the radiosensitizer potential of several chemotherapeutics agents such as 5-FU or Palbociclib. In addition, our laboratory is also studying the interplay between key proteins in DNA damage response (vg. ATM, p53) and cellular signaling.

Finally, our group also maintains a line of research on the molecular mechanisms by which nuclear steroid hormone receptors regulate gene expression, focusing on the characterization of new transcriptional co-regulators of nuclear receptors and studying their possible involvement in the initiation and development of tumors in tissues directly regulated by endocrine signals, such as the mammary gland or prostate.

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    • Título: Autofagia en cáncer: implicación de MAPKS en resistencia y supresión tumoral
      Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 01/01/2013   hasta: 31/12/2015
    • Título: Papel de la señalización intracelular mediada por proteínas quinasas en los fenómenos de quimio y radio resistencia
      Entidad financiadora: Fundación Leticia Castillejo
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 01/01/2014   hasta: 29/09/2015
    • Título: Papel de la señalización intracelular mediada por proteínas quinasas en los fenómenos de quimio y radio resistencia
      Entidad financiadora: Fundación Leticia Castillejo
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 04/07/2012   hasta: 04/09/2013
    • Título: Bases moleculares de la transformación y supresión tumoral asociada a la expresión del gen E1A de adenovirus: desarrollo de modelos in vivo
      Entidad financiadora: Consejería de Educación y Ciencia, JCCM
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 01/04/2010   hasta: 31/03/2013
    • Título: Papel de la ruta de señalización P38MAPK en terapia de cáncer basada en daño genotóxico
      Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 01/11/2009   hasta: 31/10/2012
    • Título: Papel de la señalización intracelular mediada por proteínas quinasas en los fenómenos de quimio y radio resistencia
      Entidad financiadora: Fundación Leticia Castillejo
      I.P.: Ricardo Sánchez Prieto
      Duración, desde: 01/06/2011   hasta: 30/09/201
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