Subject Code 56369
Subject Name Combustion Technology
Subject term Second quarter of 3rd year
Hours per week 4
Subject type Optativa (Elective) / TE
Credits 6 ECTS credits

Objectives Know the physical-chemical fundamentals of the combustion process; the nature, the origin (renewable or fossil) and the behaviour of the combustibles. Know the technology based on combustion processes and the sectors where it is used.
Contents Classification and basics of combustion. Themochemistry and kinetic chemistry. Combustibles. Pyrolysis and gasification. Autoignition, detonation, deflagration, premixed or diffusive combustion , turbulent or laminar combustion. Combustion of gases, fluids and solids. Instalations for combustion:  hearths, burners, boilers, ovens and dryers. Contamination
Bibliography Turns, S. An introduction to combustion. Concepts and applications. McGraw-Hill. 1997.
Lapuerta, M.; Hernández, J.J. Tecnologías de la combustión. Ciencia y Técnica, 17. Serv. Publicaciones UCLM. 1998.
Rosario Ballesteros
Teaching Method Classroom and laboratory teaching
Evaluation Method Mid-term and final exams