Subject Code 56444
Subject Name Energy Technology
Subject term First quarter of 5th year
Hours per week 4
Subject type Troncal (mandatory for obtaining the Engineer degree in Spain)
Credits  6 ECTS credits

Objectives Know data energetic consumption on a worldwide, european and national scale. Use the concept of efficiency on global transformations. Know the main energy sources and their interconnections. Know the main industrial thermic instalations for production of mechanic or electric energy. Know concepts related to instalations and actions focused on saving and energetic planification. Know the main problems derived from the relation between energy and environment.
Contents Introduction. Energetic instalations for the mechanic energy production: Internal and external combustion engines. Energetic instalations for the electric energy production: thermic and nuclear power stations. Other types of power stations. Saving and energetic planification: cogeneration systems, energetic storage, exergetic analysis fundamentals. Energy and environment: emissions, legislation, technologies for reducing emissions.
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Professor Juan José Hernández Adrover

Ángel Ramos Diezma

Teaching Method Classroom teaching and laboratory assignments
Evaluation Method Mid-term and final exams