Subject Code 56367
Subject Name Thermal Engines
Subject term Second quarter of 4th year
Hours per week 4
Subject type Optional
Credits 6 ECTS credits

Objectives Identify the critical variables and design parameters controlling intake, combustion chamber, and exhaust flows through the engine. Identify fuel processing parameters that affect the performance and emission characteristics of the internal combustion engines.
Contents Internal combustion engines. Engine cycles. Engine configurations. Operational parameters. Air and Exhaust flows. Engine energy balance. Combustion and emissions. Overall engine performance. Gas and Steam Cycles.
Gas turbines and compressors. Classification of gas turbines for aircrafts. Engine performance parameters: Thrust and efficiency. Euler’s turbomachinery equations. Applications. Losses in gas turbines and compressors. Regulation methods.
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Professor Magín Lapuerta Amigo
Teaching Method Classroom teaching and laboratory assignments
Evaluation Method Mid-term and final exams