Subject Code 56368
Subject Name Energy industrial plant analysis
Subject term First quarter of 4th year
Hours per week 4
Subject type Optativa (Elective) / TE
Credits 6  ECTS credits

Objectives Learning of methods to do energy analysis of industrial plants, techniques to increase the energy efficiency
Contents National and european energy policy. Energy systems evaluation (energy and exergy balances). Energy cost and economic analysis. The exergy method and thermoeconomy. Development of a practical study in a real company.
Bibliography T.J. Kotas. The exergy method of thermal plant analysis. Krieger Pub., 1995
L.A. Molina, G. Molina, Manual de eficiencia energética térmica en la industria. Cadem, 1993
Professor Ángel Ramos Diezma
Teaching Method Classroom teaching and external practical study
Evaluation Method Final exam and evaluation of the practical study