The focus of our research group is to improve the understanding of atmospheric processes that underlie regional and continental air pollution and the influence that these processes have on climate change, regionally and globally. Our research deals with the kinetics, mechanisms and products of the gas-phase reactions of organic compounds emitted from anthropogenic and biogenic sources into the atmosphere.
-Study of the gas-phase chemical oxidation of atmospheric trace species through reactions with photochemical radicals.
-Study of the contribution of heterogeneous processes in the atmospheric degradation of long lived species.
-Assessment of the environmental impact of new CFCs substitutes by measuring atmospheric lifetimes, products of atmospheric reactions and calculating their global warming potentials.
-We are carrying field measurements of atmospheric pollutants in remote and urban areas.
-Our group is involved in the study of the formation and ageing of secondary organic aerosols due to urban pollution.
Physical Chemistry,
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric pollution
Mass spectrometry

Research Group in Atmospheric Chemistry and Pollution .