Visit of Profesor Igor Cretescu. Technical University of Iasi. Romania

Rapport of activity for the period 05 June -31 July 2017
Department of Chemical Engineering,
University Castilla la Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain

Invited Professor Igor CRETESCU (Technical University of Iasi, Romania)

During the above mentioned period some activities were performed in order to continue the previous activities achieved in the frame of collaboration between our universities and within th eproject Sustertech. Therefore, our Romanian students were invited to perform some research activities together with the students from UCLM, under the supervision of the scientific team belong to the group of applied electrochemistry, Department of Chemical Engineering.
During the stay of Prof. Cretescu in Chemical Engineering Department he selected the best obtained data in order to prepare it for publication; he tried to fit these data with the best model belong to the theoretical adsorptions isotherms models and to give the best explanations to the scientific and technical aspects issued. An updating literature reviews for remediation of soil polluted with pesticide by different methods were also performed. His attention was focused on the soil washing technology and on the washing effluent treatment by both adsorption and electrochemical methods.
Using this background, it was prepared a paper manuscript entitle: Removal of 2,4-D herbicide in soils using a combined process based on washing and adsorption electrochemically assisted, which is co-authored by the following researchers: Salvador Cotillas, Cristina Sáez, Pablo Cañizares, Manuel A. Rodrigo and was published in Separation and Purification Technology