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Jose Bravo, Vladimir Villarreal, Ramón Hervás, Gabriel Urzaiz.
Sensors (ISI-JCR IF:1.953 Q1). July 2012; 12(7): 9253-9272, MDPI.
Publication year: 2012

Wireless systems and services have undergone remarkable development since the first mobile phone system was introduced in the early 1980s. The use of sensors in an Ambient Intelligence approach is a great solution in a medical environment. We define a communication architecture to facilitate the information transfer between all connected devices. This model is based in layers to allow the collection of measurement data to be used in our framework monitoring architecture. An overlay-based solution is built between network elements in order to provide an efficient and highly functional communication platform that allows the connection of a wide variety of devices and technologies, and serves also to perform additional functions such as the possibility to perform some processing in the network that may help to improve overall performance. View Full-Text

Keywords: communication model; data transmission; sensors integration; mobile devices