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Vladimir Villarreal, Ramón Hervás, Jesús Fontecha, José Bravo
Journal of Medical Systems (ISI-JCR IF:2.456* Q2). October 2015; 39:132
Publication year: 2015

The development of personalized mobile monitoring applications is a complex work. Currently, the most of applications for patients monitoring through mobile devices, is not developed considering the particular characteristics of each patient, but these applications have been developed taking into account a general behavior depending on the diseases instead of the own patients. The diseases manifest different symptoms depending on the patient situation. Mary and John (hypothetic patients) have diabetes, but the same measurement of glucose for each one affects their health in a different way. This paper describes a framework that allows the development of mobile applications, personalized for each patient, in such a way that even if they have the same disease, the application will respond to the individual needs of each patient.

Keywords: Mobile monitoring m-health Chronic diseases Adaptive framework