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Iván González, Jesús Fontecha, Ramón Hervás, José Bravo.
Sensors (ISI-JCR IF:2.245 Q1). July 2015; 15(7), 16589-16613
Publication year: 2015

A new gait phase detection system for continuous monitoring based on wireless sensorized insoles is presented. The system can be used in gait analysis mobile applications, and it is designed for real-time demarcation of gait phases. The system employs pressure sensors to assess the force exerted by each foot during walking. A fuzzy rule-based inference algorithm is implemented on a smartphone and used to detect each of the gait phases based on the sensor signals. Additionally, to provide a solution that is insensitive to perturbations caused by non-walking activities, a probabilistic classifier is employed to discriminate walking forward from other low-level activities, such as turning, walking backwards, lateral walking, etc. The combination of these two algorithms constitutes the first approach towards a continuous gait assessment system, by means of the avoidance of non-walking influences. View Full-Text
Keywords: gait analysis; gait monitoring; wearable sensor; sensorized insole; gait phase detection; fuzzy inference; activity recognition