Undergraduate Module: “Cultural Diversity and Identities in the European Union”


“Cultural Diversity and Identities in the European Union” (1 ects)

1st edition: 18th September to 10th October 2019 (eight 3-hour sessions held each Wednesday and Thursday evening, between 16:00 and 19:00). Download Module Brochure.

Target: Undergraduate students

Language: English

Methodology: In-class teaching.

Dates and schedule: Events page.

Aims: A better understanding of the relevance of multilingualism, its history and its future developments in the European Union.

Contents: This is an introductory course to multilingualism in the European Union. The course is divided into the following main parts:

• Part 1 ‘Europe: A language hotspot’ (6 hours) will be devoted to the analysis of the main reasons why contemporary Europe is a multilingual continent.

• Part 2 ‘European multilingualism and the diversity debate’ (4 hours) will focus on European linguistic diversity as one of the ideological bases for European integration.

• Part 3 ‘European multilingualism: An added value’ (3 hours)

• Part 4 ‘Towards a political framework for European multilingualism’ (3 hours) will pay special attention to the educational policies of the European Union and the promotion of foreign language learning.

• Part 5 ‘Linguistic minorities and EU language policy’ (4 hours) will focus on the political efforts to promote not only the usage, but also the learning (as second languages) of this important group of European languages.

• Part 6 ‘European multilingualism as a field of research’ (4 hours) will presents some basic aspects of this multidisciplinary research area.