Postgraduate Module: “European Multilingualism, Language Education and Multicultural Dialogue”


European Multilingualism, Language Education and Intercultural Dialogue (1 ects)

1st edition: 16th October to 14th November 2019 (eight 3-hour sessions held each Wednesday and Thursday evening, between 16:00 and 19:00). Download Module Brochure.

Target: Postgraduates, researchers, Master students, teachers in multilingual schools

Language: English

Methodology: In-class and semi-blended teaching

Dates and schedule: Events page.

Aims: A better understanding of European institutions and of EU language policies.

Contents: In this course, we will propose an in-depth analysis of the central four pillars of EU language policy. Each module (6 hours per module) will focus on one of these pillars, namely:

• Module 1 ‘EU language policy and planning’: Discussion of EU language plans to promote equality and usage of Europe’s languages and to safeguard Europe’s endangered languages.

• Module 2 ‘Language diversity, linguistic rights and social inclusion’: Analysis of European projects to enhance social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and to promote linguistic rights.

• Module 3 ‘Language policies and language education’: Discussion of initiatives to promote the learning of, at least, two foreign languages among European citizens.

• Module 4 ‘Multilingualism and intercultural dialogue’: Promotion of translation and interpretation as basic means of communication among European regions.

Throughout this course, we will analyse and discuss the central aspects of the role played by the Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism, its reports and recommendations, as well the impact of EU language policies on its citizens’ everyday life.