Research opportunities for undergraduate students

If you are a UCLM undergraduate student interested in writing a BA dissertations (Trabajo de Fin de Grado) on any of the topics targeted by the MIDLE Project, do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your work.

Each year, a small number of 4th year students in English Studies and Modern Languages will be able to cooperate with our project by delivering their own piece of research on multilingualism, intercultural dialogue and language education. Selected students will have access to all the module resources (including bibliography and attendance to module-related teaching activities.

Once you have passed your TFG, we will issue a certificate of collaboration with the MIDLE Project.

A selection of the papers presented each year will be published online on this website.

Participants in our yearly will also be offered a chance to work in a research project of a multilingualism-related topic. These projects will focus on ‘institutional multilingualism’ and its role as a factor of social and economic development: we are especially interested in localising and visualising multilingualism in UCLM as a main factor of internalization.