The three UCLM lecturers involved in this module specialize in the teaching of Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Ethnography. Based on their wide experience in the teaching and research in such fields and language planning, multilingualism and linguistic diversity, they will be working these topics from within an eminently European Union perspective, focusing on the linguistic policies promoted from a series of European institutions and on their direct effects on the lives of EU citizens.

By working together in these issues, we will not only be able to propose for the first time a complete and specialized learning programme (consisting of graduate and postgraduate courses, summer courses and other activities and deliverables) in EU multilingualism and language policies, that will contribute to a better understanding of the EU among our students.

This cooperation will also give us an important opportunity to promote research in the field of European multilingualism not only among the three members of the group (through the publication of research papers on concrete aspects of our topic, as well as through the participation in academic conferences), but also among our own graduate and postgraduate students (master and PhD levels).

Javier E. Díaz Vera (module chair)
Rosario Caballero Rodríguez
Ana María Relaño Pastor