Other Information

Six-year researching periods (sexenios de investigación)

• 3 six-year researching periods (sexenios de investigación). Years: 2001 / 2007 / 2013

Management Activities

• Founder and head of the reseach group LoUISE, 2000 –
• Director of the Information Technology section of the Instituto de Desarrollo Regional attached to the UCLM, 2000 – 2002
• Secretary of the Instituto de Desarrollo Regional attached to the UCLM, 2000 – 2002
• Managing Director of the Fundación Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Albacete (Regional public fundation) 2002-2012

Guest Editor of Special Issues in JCR indexed journals/strong>

• Special Issue on Socio-Cognitive and Affective Computing in Applied Sciences (IF: 1.679), Expected 2018
• Special Issue on Pervasive Computing for Gerontechnology in Pervasive and Mobile Computing (IF: 1.667), 2017
• Special Issue on Gerontechnologies: Current Achievements and Future Trends in Expert Systems (IF: 0.75), 2017
• Special Issue on Cognitively-inspired Computing for Gerontechnology in Cognitive Computation (IF: 0.867), 2016

Research Project Evaluator

• Agencia Nac. Promoción Científica y Tecnológica de la República Argentina (FONCYT); 2013-2015
• Evaluator ANEP
• Evaluator of different Regional Agencies
• Member of the “Comisión Técnica del área Tecnologías Informáticas (TIN)”, “Tecnologías para la Sociedad de la Información (TIN-TSI)” y “Comisión de
selección del Área Temática Tecnologías y Servicios para la Sociedad de la Información (TIN-TSI)”; 2010 y 2014

International Networks and Associations

Member of the EuroVR association and of the excellence networks and Cost actions: SIMILAR Network, COST action 294, COST action TwinTide IC0904 and RedAUTI