Countdown to the MOMU handbook edition

After two intensive working days, the editors of the MOMU handbook have  decided all the details of the publication.

The date to release the handbook will be the end of Janury and there will be three other editions in finnish, spanish and estonian. In addition, in April and May there will be some seminar to diseminate the achivements of all this project. Finally, a conference will be hosted next June in Manchester to show all the results.

The Spanish team leads the handbook compilation and the Spanish project manager, Emilio Gómez said «it is a challenge to coordinate a book with four national different visions, but the result will be amazing».

Cuenca hosts a meeting for the handbook edition

Cuenca will host a meeting with all the partners next 28th and 29th november. This meeting is the last step to finish the edition of the handbook. The handbook will be publish in January 2018 and after there will be some workshop to disseminate the results.

All the achievements will be presented in a conference  next June in Manchester.

The MOMU second intensive seminar project arrive to Cuenca

Throughout this week, the University of Castilla-La Mancha, on its campus in Cuenca, hosted the second international seminar of the European project Ka2 Eramus +, MOMU (Moving towards multiprofessional work). A total of 18 researchers from the universities of Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), University of Tartu (Estonia) and the University of Castilla-La Mancha have made progress in a project that runs until August 2018. Last Monday, October 3rd, Mª Ángeles Zurilla, Vice Chancellor of Culture, Sports and University Extension, welcomed all the participants, along with the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Ángel Luis López, and the vice-dean of Social Work, Pilar Cañas.

The aim of the project, as Suvi Kivelä, MOMU general coordinator of the University of Turku, says: «is the acquisition of new skills to define and develop multiprofessional work between social work and art professionals, in order to find effective solutions to reduce the vulnerability of young people and increase their employability».

In the five days that the seminar lasted, the researchers have advanced in the second stage of the project, which is the implementation of the training of trainers. This training will take place in the spring of 2017 in each of the four universities. After this training, which aims to prepare teachers in the area of ​​social work and art to work in a multiprofessional (collaborative) way, will be launched the training aimed at students as future professionals and professionals who already develop their work in both areas.

Emilio José Gómez Ciriano, coordinator of the project at UCLM: «The final result of the entire process of research and exchange of multi-professional methodologies will be the development of didactic materials that serve as a manual for any teacher who wants to develop a collaborative work between Social work and any artistic area, from theater, dance, painting or media».

Workshops, work and group dynamics to exchange experiences, in addition to recording several pieces of project dissemination have completed the week. Also researchers have been able to enjoy the city of Cuenca in a gastronomic and touristic way.

MOMU tests 360º video experience on the radio program

Today on the special radio program, we have tested a 360º video experience. Here you have a short virtual reality experience. Move your mouse if you watch in a computer or move your mobile phone to go around. Here you can listen the program.

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Cuenca hosts the MOMU second intensive seminar

The Cuenca campus of the University of Castilla-La Mancha will host from the 3rd to the 7th of October  the second meeting of the European Project MOMU (Moving towards multiprofessional work). MOMU aims to support multiprofessional working and training of HE lecturers providing new perspectives on the cooperation between different study, art and social work to increase employability between young people.

In the seminar will participate 18 professors and researchers from the consortium of the four European universities involved : University of Applied Sciences Turku, Finland  (project coordinator) Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; The Viljandi Culture Academy of Tartu University, Estonia; and the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

During the week, there will be several activities regarding  reseach, preparation of  formative modules and training the trainees
As Emilio José Gómez Ciriano, proyect manager of UCLM team, said “after one year, the project and the differents teams are working together better everyday and the Cuenca meeting in Cuenca will be another ímpetu for the next two years”.

As part of the extr-seminar activities participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the city of Cuenca.


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