7. Ready to transfer

Development of electrochemical processes for a cleaner environment

Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes consisting of emulsions (cutting fluids…)
Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes consisting of suspensions (food industry,..)
Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes polluted with dyes.
Removal of Arsenic by Electrocoagulation
Removal of Phosphates by Electrocoagulation
Conductive-diamond electrolysis of industrial wastes (for refractory pollutants within a range 2,000-20,000 ppm COD)
Electrokinetic flushing of soils polluted with hydrocarbons
Disinfection of wastewaters for reuse

Electrosynthesis of oxidants with Conductive-Diamond Electrolyses.

Production of peroxophosphates
Production of peroxosulfates
Production of perobromates
Production of Ferrates
Production in-situ of disinfectants

Fuel cell technology

Synthesis of PBI membranes
Manufacture of Catalyst for PEMFC
Manufacture of Membrane – Electrode Assemblies for HTPEMFC
Testing of different fuels (hydrogen, methanol, carboxylic acids, etc.)
Physical, chemical and electrochemical characterization of PEMFC
Measurement of current distribution
Simulation of PEM fuel cells