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WCO-RILO WE was established in 1998 under the umbrella of the World Customs Organisation (WCO)and in the framework of the Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices. It is composed of customs officers from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark, and tasked with the exchange of information and intelligence and the implementation of WCO policies in different areas of fraud, including illicit import, export and transit of cultural goods.

In the particular are of cultural goods, WCO-RILO WE works in close partnership with UNESCO, ICOM and other international organizations mentioned in this site.

One of the most relevant tools of WCO is the ARCHEO, a platform enabling the exchange of electronic information that was developed by RILO WE and hosted by WCO. The network is dedicated to the prevention of cultural heritage fraud and brings together professionals and experts committed to the protection of cultural heritage through facilitating the identification of suspected items with the goal of maximising efficient and effective enforcement in this area. 

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