Tolerance against radicalization

Radicalisation ha become a major concern at both International and European level, and also in Spain. The terrorist attacks perpetrated in the past few years and those committed last days in Manchester and London were committed mostly by European citizens, who were born and grew in EU Member States, and radicalized and attacked fellow citizens.

The prevention and fight against radicalization and violent extremism leading to terrorism required a multidisciplinary approach, covering not only investigative measures and criminal proceedings against these types of crime, but also social cultural, ideological, and religious factors accelerating radicalization  processes of men and women leading them to travel to conflict areas (Syria, Irak) in order to combat in Daesh or serve its intereses and returning to their countries of origin with an extremist ideology.

In line with policy measures adopted by International and European institutions, the Summer Course analyses this phenomenon with a multidisciplinary approach: legal, humanist, educative, protective of our cultural heritage, committed with areas and States of conflict. Only this approach makes possible countering terrorist propaganda and hate speech in Internet, as well as combating the return of foreign fighters, among other risks, whilst promoting inclusive societies, educational policies on values and, most important, an attitude of tolerance towards other cultures and religious.

Target group
University professors, researchers, students and public in general

Prof. Dr. Ángeles Gutiérrez Zarza

Mr. Santos Jaime Valor and Ms Laura Gutiérrez Martín

Unique fee: 50 Sur
Deadline: 30 June 2017
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