Welcome to ISPEc research group blog!


ISPEc, the UCLM Spanish and International Economics research group, is made up by researchers from the Spanish and International Economics department in Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha, Spain, who are actively working on three RESEARCH LINES:

  • International Economics: trade globalization, financial and trade flows, international trade, financial issues and employment, macroeconomic and sectoral policies in the European Union.
  • Industrial Economics: offshoring and outsourcing strategies, within product markets and within industries competition.
  • Labour Economics: labour markets, industrial relations systems, employment strategies, migration flows, new patterns of employment generation and the inter-relation between firm innovation and employment creation.

The UCLM Spanish and International Economics research group is made up by 17 researchers based in different UCLM campuses: Toledo, Cuenca and Albacete. In this blog you will see the main results of our research activities in the three research lines, as well as the teaching we develop at post-graduate level. You are welcome to visit the different sections of the blog and, should you have any suggestion or enquiry about our activities and research lines, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.