V Doctoral Conference. Poster and abstracts:


According to the specific purpose indicated in the presentation of the Conference: Being able to adequately provide and disseminate the results of research work carried out for the development of doctoral theses, the PhD students enrolled in the Conference are encouraged to prepare one poster about the research work being developed in the development of doctoral thesis, following the instructions on this page. Likewise, doctors who defended their theses in the 2014-2015 year may submit one poster. It is important to indicate in the application for Conference enrolment if he/she submits poster or not and, in that case, the title.

The posters will be placed in the morning at the beginning of the Conference during the delivery documentation, and will be presented to attendees at the sessions scheduled for that in the program. They will be displayed throughout the day. The presentation and discussion of research works during the conference will be made on the content of the posters.

The posters are organized according to the different branches of knowledge:

  • Social and Legal Sciences.
  • Arts and Humanities.
  • Sciences.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Engineering and Architecture.

The poster should be developed in a way that is understandable to participants from other branches of knowledge and it must have the following characteristics:

  1. Size: ‘DIN A0’ (841 x 1189 mm) and design vertically.
  2. Structure:
    • TITLE: Short and understandable.
    • AUTHOR (S). For more than one author of the paper, the PhD student must appear first. Then the set of names of authors should include their affiliation (university or department and, where appropriate, Research Centre).
    • Details tutor and director (s) of the thesis.
    • ABSTRACT: Briefly summarize the work.
    • OBJECTIVES: Aims and objectives, which can be formulated separately or even in the abstract.
    • DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH: Major stages of the development of research.
    • RESULTS (obtained and/or foreseeable).

Recommendation for development of poster:

  1. Not introduce too much information.
  2. Use diagrams, graphs, figures, pictures, etc.
  3. Use a relatively large font size.
  4. Use colors to differentiate the parts and highlight the most relevant.

Abstracts for minutes book

All participants in this Conference, who want to disseminate their work, have the opportunity to prepare an abstract on the poster content. In this abstract may be the same as the poster or not, and in this case, it may be more or less extensive. The abstracts will be sent online until September 20, 2015 (inclusive) depending on the model below.

The abstracts will be published later in a Minutes Book which will be published on EID web in the paragraph of Doctoral Conferences.

The development of abstract has met the criteria:

  • To prepare the abstract is necessary over-write the model (Abstract model for minutes book (Spanish)) which have a maximum length of one page. The model is self-explicative and can be found the basic rules for making the abstract.
  • The summery will include the PhD student’s name and other authors in the same order in which they appear in the poster. Following the names, the affiliation of the authors will be indicated.
  • The summery may be written in Spanish or English.
  • Sending an abstract implies acceptance of these rules. The abstracts that do not meet these formal criteria will be rejected.
  • It is disclosed what will be the content of the poster. It is important to try the explanations contained in the abstract may be understandable to researches from other branches of knowledge.
  • When the abstract is made, it will be recorded in Word (.docx) and will be assigned the PhD student name as follows: Surname_Name.docx
  • The deadline for receipt of abstracts is September 20, 2015 (inclusive). Any abstract that does not conform to the specified format or arriving after this date will not be published in the minutes book.
  • The abstract will be sent as an attachment in a message to the following email doctorado@uclm.es indicating in the subject of the message: Abstract Doctoral Conference, title and name and surname of the PhD student.