V Doctoral Conference. Logistics:

The organization of the V Conference has taken on a free service of buses to move, from different UCLM Campus, participants in the Conference to the place where the conference takes place. Later, from that place to the corresponding campus.

In the following table may find information about timetables and departure and arrival places of the buses. In the elaboration of this table were considered the distance to Ciudad Real from the rest of campus and the time of start and finish of the V Conference, supposing punctuality from the participants who use this service.

Buses Departure from diffent Campus

Departure Campus Place Hour
Albacete Plaza de la Universidad, junto a las cadenas 7:00
Cuenca (Indeterminate) (Indeterminate) (Indeterminate)
Toledo (Indeterminate) (Indeterminate) (Indeterminate)


Buses Arrival from Ciudad Real Campus

Arrival Campus Place Hour
Albacete Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales de Ciudad Real 20:00


In the Conference will be offered for all participants a coffee and pastries in the morning and a meal.

On the other hand, the participants will receive a folder with all information about the conference and the PhD students will have the necessary equipment to attach their posters in any of the board reserved for their branch of knowledge. The boards are numbered to facilitate judges the process of awarding of the prizes listed below.