José Miguel Colino García

Graduated in 1988 from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, then I moved to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid pursuing research interests in the new high-Tc superconducting materials under the supervision of Prof. Jose Luis Vicent. My PhD dissertation proved specialization in thin film deposition, expertise in magnetic, structural and magneto-transport measurements, with a focus on the mixed and normal state properties of such cuprate films.

As a postdoc at UCSD (U.S.A.) for Prof. Ivan K. Schuller (1994-1995) I entered the world of magnetic, metallic multilayers and other low-dimensional magnetic nanostructured systems that have been central to my career ever since. These interests lead to subsequent research positions in C.S.I.C. (Madrid) and, later in Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) where I have established a laboratory with sputtering chambers, lithography facilities and state-of-the-technique cryogenic atomic force and scanning Hall microscopes in applied vector magnetic field, among other techniques, in the Instituto de Nanociencia, Nanotecnología y Materiales Moleculares (INAMOL) at Toledo. Recent research includes the development of strong uniaxial anisotropy imprinting in cobalt films by ion beam ripple patterning with uses in recording or optical applications. These unidimensional templates are hopefully to open a pathway to the fabrication of planar magnetic nanowires and exchange-biased nanostripes that we can study in next years.

My work in different research lines has been published in over forty five JCR papers, contributed in many conferences as posters, oral presentations and invited talks. All my career has been recognized by the Spanish government with the “Acreditación Nacional al Cuerpo de Catedrático de Universidad”.